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Average Lifespan

83 Earth years


Quasi-bipedal, retractable digging claws, atrophied wings used for communication.

The Manxa are a sapient race annexed by the Sethaleya Suzerainty. Their homeworld is Maan.


Quasi-bipedal, the Manxa walk erect but run on all fours. They are long and sleek, reaching 1.7m in length including the tail and 1.4m tall when erect. Their front arms have three long, retractable digging claws, and are well-muscled. The tail is long and quite bushy.

On their backs are atrophied chitinous wings. These are no longer functional, but still serve a purpose- they are rubbed against each other to produce sound. The Manxa have simple vocal cords, but these wings allow them to make a great variety of noises.

Their eyes have square pupils, and are capable of seeing into the near-ultraviolet. Their sense of hearing is acute, as is their sense of smell.

Typically, they have brownish fur. However, one in ten is furless.


After being assimilated into the Suzerainty, much of the old Manxa culture was lost. Some traditions are still kept alive, however. For example, they wear permanent markings on their faces to denote their family.

They are very contemptuous of cowards and weak individuals, and very competitive.

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