"To try to succeed, you must succeed to try."
―Marcus César

Marcus César is a Tsuinaron Starfleet strategist and officer who is famous for his César Manoeuvre, which was conceived when he unwillingly assumed command of the T.S.S. Uraniko after the disappearance of Captain Maruna Kuro during the Battle of Zoyltieus. He is now the commanding officer of the Uraniko (III) and holds the rank of Rear Admiral.


Early and Academic LifeEdit

Marcus Orinius Koria César was born on the planet of Technosilis in the year 2144 CE. He studied at Technosilis Grammar School from 2150 to 2156, when he applied for the Normarian Royal Starfleet Academy. He successfully passed the tests and interviews and trained to serve as a Starfleet officer. He graduated in 2159 and was accepted into service aboard the T.S.S. Kuranomo.

Service before the Battle of ZoyltieusEdit

On the T.S.S. Kuranomo, César quickly rose through the ranks and gained favour with the vessel's commanding officer, Admiral Ukira Machiraki. Because of his outstanding record, César was transferred to the Uraniko and became the vessel's leading strategist before the Battle of Zoyltieus. Before the battle, César was promoted to the rank of Commander, and became the first officer of the Uraniko's skipper, Captain Maruna Kuro.

Involvement in the Battle of ZoyltieusEdit

In 2170, all ships, including the T.S.S. Uraniko, which at the time was under the command of Captain Kuro, was called back to Zoyltieus to defend the system from Confederate attack. However, a few minutes later, Kuro claimed he was going to his quarters for some rest before the battle, and placed the vessel under César's control. Three hours later, when Kuro was due to reappear on the bridge, there was no trace of Kuro.

And so, César was elected by the bridge crew the provisional commanding officer of the Uraniko. That is, he would command the Uraniko until the issue with Kuro could be resolved. Upon entering the Zoyltieus system, two Confederate ships began firing at the Uraniko's rear, and César order the ship to plot a course for the space one kilometre behind the Confederate ships, and initiated FTL.

So, it seemed as if the Uraniko instantaneously disappeared and reappeared behind the Confederate vessels, confusing their crews. César ordered the ships to open fire, and the Uraniko damaged the vessels extensively before the Confederates could react. This move became known as the César Manoeuvre, well known within the Second Normarian Federation Starfleet. It is now a staple of Starfleet tactics, but is kept under extreme secrecy internationally by the Tactical Commission.

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