Star Isirin
Type Gas giant moon
Primary None
Gravity 0.8 G
Orbital distance 0.15 AU
Day length 25.2 days
Year length 25.2 days
Diameter 8,087 km
Axial tilt
Mean 74°F
Minimum 17°F
Maximum 102°F
Atmosphere composition 73% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% xenon, 1% other gases
Surface pressure 2.1 atm
Faction None
Population 0
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Mathus is a moon in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy found orbiting the gas giant Sutham. It is the first target of intergalactic travel by the Karalian Empire.


Mathus, as well as the gas giant Sutham, are named after the father and son characters in the ancient Vaikan legend, The Lair of the Garmatox.


Though the planet has a light gravity, it has a thick atmosphere. The air is considered toxic, however, because of the high concentration of spores and microbes, which if inhaled by a non-native species will cause a severe allergic reaction. However, the microbes and spores are not found in the high altitudes, and the atmosphere is less clammy there as well. The highest peaks and cliffs are considered the best spots to build a colony, though plants and soil still have to be imported from elsewhere if a self-sufficient colony is ever to be established.


Mathus has a rugged terrain, having been shaped by Sutham's former massive ring system coalescing in a similar way as most moons do. The planet is about 80% ocean, and the mainland is dominated by vast fields of lichens and mosses. The tops of the mountains are barren, however, limited to only extremophile, single-celled organisms.

Mathus also has an unusually strong magnetic field for a celestial object its size which helps to aid in shielding the native life from Isirin's radiation blasts.


Life on Mathus has evolved a symbiotic relationship with the microbes that float in the air, which cause an allergic reaction to non-native species. However, without these microbes, the native terrestrial life could not survive. Life in the ocean is far more developed, and remains independent from the microbe-filled atmosphere.


The majority of flora consists of lichens and algae. Lichen trees mostly dot the landscape.


Life on Mathus is mostly limited to invertebrates on land. Insect analogues and descendants from ocean dwelling creatures can be found.

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