Spectral type protoplanetary disc
Age 970,000 years
Size 1 Sol mass
Surface temperature unknown
Diameter 1000 AU
Stars 0
Planets 0
Moons 0
Cluster Garden of the Celestials
Region or Arm Yetnad
Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy
Faction Roving Flotilla

Maua is a protoplanetary disc in the Garden of the Celestials. It is approximately 60 lightyears from the center of the nebula. The nebula contains complex organic molecules, and one day, it is likely to support habitable planets.


57 DisglairEdit

Main article: 57 Disglair

57 Disglair is the largest body in the Maua system. Considered a dwarf planet, 57 Disglair is rich in rare metals making it a suitable outpost for the Roving Flotilla.

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