Measurements systems are systems of standardized units with which to specify or analyze something.

Kardashev scaleEdit

The Kardashev scale measures the scale and scope of a civilization's resource consumption and capabilities.  The formula for determining the level is (log base 10 (energy consumption in megawatts))/10.

Type 0Edit

Type 0 is any civilization that relies mainly on crude, organic fuels, though type 0 civilisations may well possess fission-based power sources.  This encompasses pre-space flight and early space faring species.

Type IEdit

Ability to harness the power from an entire planet.  Use of fusion technology, possibly antimatter usage and mass harvesting of solar energy.

Type IIEdit

Ability to build Dyson bubbles or even Dyson swarms.  Mega-scale engineering is possible and required.

Type IIIEdit

Ability to harness energy on the scale of a whole galaxy, possibly through the mass use of Dysonian megastructures or even larger variants.  Type III is the maximum technological level allowed with modern civilizations.

Type IVEdit

Ability to harness energy equivalent to the output of a galactic supercluster.

Type VEdit

Ability to harness energy equivalent to the energy output of the observable universe.

Sagan scaleEdit

The Sagan scale measures the information available to a situation. The letter A represents 10^6 unique bits of information, and each letter in succession symbolizes an order of magnitude increase. A Z level civilization would have 10^31 bits which exceeds all of the information available to all intelligent species in a galactic supercluster.

Gaea in 1973 ranks 0.7H with access to 10^13 bits.

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