Milurian Empire

Erçaon Milurique

Location Sanhul Arm, Andromeda Galaxy
Size ~36,250 systems
Kardashev class 1.8
Founded {{{founded}}}
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Capital Etipar, Miypria
Official language Milurique
Demonym Milurian
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Species Milurian
Government Absolute monarchy
Current leader(s) N/A (nation now defunct; last was Emperor Sureix IV)

The Milurian Empire was a large nation that existed from 8,400 BCE to 1660 CE, lasting for 10,060 years, making it the longest lasting faction in Milurian history. It was an absolute monarchy ruled by an Emperor, the first being Emperor Mipratine I, and the last being Sureix IV.


Main article: Timeline of the Miluri

Though the Milurian Empire existed for millenia, it had in fact lasted in 'phases', with periods of anarchy and disorder in between.

First PhaseEdit

The first phase of the Milurian Empire lasted from its foundation in c. 8,400 BCE to c. 8,040 BCE.

Second PhaseEdit

The second phase lasted from 8,020 BCE to 7,867 BCE.

Final phaseEdit

The third and final phase of the Empire lasted from 7,860 BCE to 1650 CE. This phase was the most eventful in the history of the Empire, seeing the initiation and completion of Operation: Biohazard which ended in the creation of the Eruption, and the Milurian Revolution. It was the Milurian Revolution that ended both the final phase and the Empire itself.

List of EmperorsEdit

Main article: List of monarchs of the Milurian Empire

Kafurchsqua Natiskaia Lprosia Milur Milurian Empire United Democracy of the Milurian People

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