"There are four classes in our society: the clergy, nobility, workers, and common people. It is the workers and the common people who are the most populous, yet it is the clergy and nobility that get the most privileges! It is the workers and common people that do the most labour. What is this fruit of their labour? Taxes! The 'upper' classes, who do not work at all, are exempt from taxes, while we, the so-called 'lower' classes, pay thousands to the government! Is this a fair society? Is this equality? Is this freedom? No: this is a cause for revolution!"
Julian Melyurélov in a speech to the Korsar Nashone

The Milurian Revolution was a major Milurian conflict in which the enseir ærios (ancient regime) of the Milurian Empire, which had ruled the Milurian people for millennia, had finally collapsed. The revolution was led by the Union of Milurian Republicans, who toppled the Imperial government and installed in its place the United Democracy of the Milurian People.


The Milurian Revolution was not caused by a single factor; rather, there were multiple causes. One of the major causes was the fact that there was a financial crisis within the Empire.

Notable figures in the revolutionEdit

  • Julian Melyurélov - leader of the United Milurian Republicans in the Revolution
  • Sureix IV - the last sovereign of the Milurian Empire; executed in 10 AMR

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