"Organic life, culture and society are entirely meaningless. Destruction is the only philosophy worth following."


Minos-Vaskus is an entity at the center of the Gehenna Galaxy. He is a monstrous black hole made up of 14% of the total stellar mass of the galaxy. He is a manifestation of the Harbingers.


Minos-Vaskus is highly egotistical likely due to his vastness. Minos-Vaskus had kept order in the Gehenna Galaxy by constantly threatening to destroy all life.


The Gehenna Galaxy used to flourish with life. Particularly the Demon civilization built a massive empire and studied interdimensional travel. Sensing their potential to reach a utopia, Minos-Vaskus went to an extreme solution and destroyed all life in his own galaxy by expanding himself to plague the entire Gehenna Galaxy with gamma radiation.

Real lifeEdit

Minos-Vaskus also exists in the Real Life universe. However, scientists have yet to prove that he is actually sentient nor have they proven his capacity to grow in size by swallowing stellar mass. Nonetheless, his presence in our universe has challenged theories of how galaxies are formed.

Further readingsEdit

Information about Minos-Vaskus in real life

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