Mnemosyne Speak is the Dragandr's primary and most spoken language, followed by their ancestral languages of the past. Spoken by Dragandr of the Atallaeci region, it has since spread across the Dragandr's nebula to become a wide spread language. Its alphabet is based on the sounds the Dragandr are capable of pronouncing. Over the course of thousands of years, the language has greatly evolved absorbing new dialects and even new vocabulary. Words from all over the galaxy have become a part of this language.


The alphabet of the Dragandr consists of 28 symbols, or "letters", of various shape, which doesnt include sounds that the symbols represent when the symbol is in a different angle or has a suffix and/or prefix or other changes. The symbols represent the 28 basic sounds the Dragandr's mouth can make. There are two versions of it's written form, Simple Mnemosyne Speak and Complex Menmosyne Speak. Simple Mnemosyne Speak is simply writing out the words in an organized sentence, much like how human English is written, only instead of periods there are lines to indicates sentence endings, and small H-like shapes to show the seperation of each word. In Complex Mnemosyne Speak, complete phrases or ideas are writed as a single glyph, consisting of each individual word making it up. Sentences are made up of two or more glyphs, each representing a part of the sentence. Each phrase is read inward and then counterclockwise. Seperation between phrases and sentence endings are represented by the same H-like symbol and line.

Frequently Used WordsEdit

Note that any word can be combined with another with a ' in between the words to form a proper compound word.

*Shall be added to as time goes on

  • Ai - Spirit/Soul/Energy
  • Ajj - Disturbance
  • Ahn - Power/Strength
  • Aia - Air/Breath
  • Bei - Ground/Stubborn
  • Borr - Get Rid Of/Delete
  • Byz - Electricity/Storm
  • Caiv - Attack
  • Daven - Create


*Shall be added to as time goes onEdit

  • Daq - Idiot
  • Yzar - Whiner/Weakling (Many times both meanings are used at the same time)
  • Ganng - Brute

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