Mor'Leedhr is a Katrakhan mercenary who currently lives on Asteroid Zeta in the Yanyarigan Cloud. He is somewhat skilled with a hand gun and works purely to obtain money to enhance his ship called the Nomad.

Shortly after a Kklxin invasion on Elariun, the two war refugees, Johnathan Tokugawa and Alagor Tarkith had led the crew of a downed gunboat to set up camp in the sewers. As the two of them searched for a safe way to get out of the sewers, they stumbled upon Mor'Leedhr who agreed to help them in exchange for a large sum of money.


Mor'Leedhr was born on the crime-ridden planet Zeta Trillis. His parents raised him to be a pirate and he made a profit through stealing spices and raiding planets. Unfortunately, he became a wanted criminal in many star systems and his bounty reached up to 230,000 Sporebucks. Rather than going to jail, Mor'Leedhr became a mercenary to pay off the fine and be set free. Now, Mor'Leedhr has traveled across the galaxy seeking out poorly designed colonies and waiting for an invasion. He then shows up to to defend the colony and gets paid large amounts of money. However, he still raids the colonies belonging to his payor's enemies which may force a war to break out. Thus, Mor'Leedhr exploits the oppurtunity to work as a mercenary again though bounty hunters from the enemy empire are still sent after him.

Past HideoutsEdit


Mor'Leedhr had lived in the sewers of the Eteno colony Elariun noting the lack of gunships. After a Kklxin invasion, he sought the oppurtunity to help fight them off. After disabling a Genodraco sphere at the planet's core, he fled with a broken arm. As the sewer system was largely destroyed by Kklxin digging tunnels, it was no longer a feasible place to live.


  • The name Mor'Leedhr is a different spelling of the Welsh word for 'pirate'.

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