Myth Galaxy Universe
This article exists only within the Myth Galaxy setting.
"Chaos is the foundation of the universe. It is the law that defies all other laws."

In Jamzezist religion, Morduin is the brother of Krayhan. Much like his own brother, Morduin is a Yoltox, yet the two are complete opposites. While Krayhan is the epitome of logic, Morduin is the epitome of emotion.


Wrath of the dragon by VampirePrincess007

One of Morduin's many forms.

Morduin is a giant jet black Yoltox covered in filamentous feathers. He has a fearsome appearance, evoking all aggressive emotions at once.


Morduin, as the embodiment of emotion, is highly aggressive and destructive. It is hard for him to abolish a grudge, and thus he is known to be stubborn. Morduin cherishes chaos and disorder and loathes order and rationality.


Main article: Krayhan

In Omni 01Edit

Morduin's teachings often appeal to the younger demographic, usually teenagers who rebel against their parents. An entire region of space in the Orion Arm known as Morduin's Hunting Grounds is named after him for the region's general lawlessness.

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