The gameplay of Myth Galaxy utilizes an open sandbox environment. Users can select a race and a class at the start of the game, though they can change at any point later on.

Playable racesEdit


A reptilian, humanoid race capable of magical powers.


Based on the real world Eteno species, they are well versed with ranged weapons.


Angel-like dragon creatures based on the extinct real world species of the same name.


  • Adventurer - The well-rounded individual
  • Warrior - The individual that diverts more focus on melee weaponry
  • Infiltrator - One who is skilled at espionage and stealth
  • Majite - One who is experienced in Maj


Stats are the raw power and abilities of a character.

Natural abilitiesEdit

Natural abilities are what a character can physically do without any technological assistance. For example, reptilians have greater defense than mammals, but mammals have greater agility.

  • Stamina - How long a character can last in the midst of battle.
  • Strength - How strong a character is physically.
  • Defense - The natural armor of a character.
  • Agility - How quickly a character can react and doge.
  • Intelligence - The ability of a character to solve puzzles and find weakpoints.
  • Knowledge - How much a character knows about the opponent.
  • Experience - How experienced a character is in combat
  • Speed - How fast a character can move.


Equipment are technologies that boost certain abilities. These come in the form of weapons and armor.

  • Armor - How well a character is protected with armor
  • Weapons - Offensive tools the character has

Environmental advantagesEdit

The environment changes in the arena and many species are affected by it, giving them a set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Terrain
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air density
  • Gravity

Arenarin ArenaEdit

Arenarin Arena is a zone set in a dimension where the terrain and environment can change. It is considered a minigame within Myth Galaxy, separate from the main campaign.


  • Slayer - The goal in slayer is to simply kill the enemy team members. The winner is the team with the most kills.
  • Capture the flag - One has to bring a flag within enemy territory to the player's home base. Whoever acquires the most captures wins.
  • The Horde - The Horde is a team-based mode where the player must survive rounds of enemies. The final boss, Collosarn, is considered the toughest opponent in the entire game.
  • Hardcore Deathmatch - The most infamous mode in the Arenarin Arena and only a small proportion of players dare try it. The only rule is to survive to the next round and any who perish will have their character data deleted permanently. The Hardcore Deathmatch has received polarized feedback as a result.

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