Location Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies
Size N/A (species now extinct)
Kardashev class Type I
Founded 5 billion years ago
Status Extinct
Capital None (species now extinct)
Official language Music
Demonym Myuzikian
Population 0 (species now extinct)
Species Myuzikian
Government N/A (subject of Achris Technocracy
Current leader(s) None (species now extinct)

The Myuzikians (sometimes referred to as the Musicians) were an Ancient species, contemporary to the Achrisians. They were also a subject species of the Achris Technocracy and possessed a unique language. Many cultures, over time, have developed their own perceptions of the language. Many know this as Music.



The language of the Myuzikians' native name is impossible to write in words, so this article will refer to it as Music.

Music first evolved as a way for the Myuzikians to communicate with others. They used a series of twelve pitches, combined with loudness, length and articulation to produce words and letters. This was known to most experts of Myuzikian language as the "Pure dialect". Another form replaced the pitches with syllables. This was named by historians the "Solfa dialect".

This is a list of the letters of Music with their Solfa names, along with the names of the pitches in the human perception of music, and the hertz number of each pitch:

Solfa name Hertz number (4th octave)
Do (C) 261.63
Di (C#) 277.18
Re (D) 293.66
Ri (D#) 311.13
Mi (E) 329.63
Fa (F) 349.23
Fi (F#) 369.99
So (G) 392.00
Si (G#) 415.30
La (A) 440.00
Li (A#) 466.16
Ti (B)


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