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Natas Leviuded is a male Drahoni born in 2112 AD on Xenzhoan. He is a Zephyr-VI supersoldier.


At the age of 12 he was selected to take part in the Zephyr Program, he was a remarkable subject and completed all tests with ease. He has been in the military ever since and has participated in the Infection War and was a key figure in the Blackout War.


Natas has deep blue eyes and a pale blue skin. He is, thanks to the augmentations, 3,57 m long and is very muscular.

He is always dressed in his PCA


Natas has the abilty to sense danger before it happens, when he or one of his men is walking into a trap he will sense this and warn the team for the coming danger.


Natas cares much about his men and will always honour their dying wish.


  • Change Natas's name backwards and you'll get Satan.
  • Change Leviuded backwards and you'll get Deduivel, split this word into 'de duivel' and you'll get the Dutch phrase for 'the devil'.

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