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The Nedhraye Space Divines was the main military force of the Nedhraye people. Their former headquarters were located on the cold terrestrial moon Uthan, but is now on the Nedhraye Dreadnought (the 'NSD Inquisitor'), and was led by the Council of Five. The highest known military rank obtainable was 'Five-Star Galactic Marshal', no known Nedhraye individual held that rank and currently there is none with that rank.


For main article, see: List of Nedhraye ships

The Nedhraye made many ships ranging from 50m to 78km which were equipped with much of their advanced technology, one of their most known inventions were the Bubble Warp Drives they made.

As for weaponry, they made use of UV lasers as anti fighter defences, pin-point laser defences against missiles and many other weaponry.


  • Marine Second Class:
  • Marine First Class
  • Sergeant:
  • Lieutenant: The SIC in a ship, they did many of the Captain's daily duties such as inspection of the material and aided the Captain with navigation and tactical information.
  • Captain: A simple ship commander, they had to report to the Admiral and had a Lieutenant as a SIC.
  • Admiral: A commander of a large fleet. When fleets led by Admirals where joined they had a chance of becoming Grand Admiral.
  • Grand Admiral: A Grand Admiral was in the NSD simply one of the Admirals of a combined fleet and elected as the leader of the strike force.
  • One-Star Galactic Marshal - Four-Star Galactic Marshal: Key figures within Nedhraye military, they organise major offenses, command fleets and decide the actions within the NSD. Obtaining this rank could get you in the Council of Five.
  • Five-Star Galactic Marshal: The highest obtainable rank in the Nedhraye military. This rank gave instan acces to the Council of Five.


  • The name was given because at the time they reached space the Nedhraye still had a religion and thought that space was only for gods and divine beings.

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