Negative matter refers to matter with a mass having an opposite sign of normal matter. As it violates one or more energy conditions, it shows strange properties allowing for the construction of wormholes.

Some of these strange properties are that the force of Gravity is reversed on Negative Matter. When pulled it will go away from the object and when pushed will go towards the force. This has led to a very useful system of matter pulling on the Negative Matter and the Negative Matter trying to escape, resulting in movement from the two objects.

Negative matter is not known to occur in nature and must be artificially created. As wormholes are difficult to keep open for more than a microsecond, negative matter is only limited to a select few civilization that possess the technology to be able to store and handle it.

Negative Matter can still contact regular matter with no serious damaging affects. It behaves just as matter would if contacting Anti-Matter apart from the explosion would draw the Negative Matter towards the center.

Possible constructs of Negative-Anti-Matter have been hypothisized, but currently there is no found use of it.

Technologies that use negative matterEdit

  • Stone Ring
  • Karnasaur communication system
  • Skojan Spheres are suggesting possible properties of this substance
  • Estin wormhole network

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