Star Neanda
Type Ocean
Satellites Olvania
Gravity 1.2 G
Orbital distance 1.75 AU
Day length 19 hours
Year length 298 Earth days
Diameter 17,193 km
Axial tilt 3.02°
Average 62° F
Minimum 52° F
Maximum 85° F
Atmosphere composition 40% xenon, 30% oxygen, 10% water vapor, 20% other gases
Surface pressure 2.1 atm
Factions Nanosan Cybernetic Ascendants Council
Population 50 billion
Major imports Food, research
Major exports Technology, research, star-ships

Netrobania is the capital of the Nanosan empire, and the Nanos' homeworld. It is located on the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way, south of KMF space. It is completely covered in salt-water, which is rarely less than 30 feet deep. The atmosphere is extremely thick, causing a diffusion of sunlight during the entire day.


Netrobania orbits around the G-class star Neanda, which translates into "Our first" in Nanosan. It also has a mid-sized moon named Olvania.

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