New Sephamagore, as the name suggests, is a Sceen planet terraformed to be a very close replica, in effect a replacement, of the Sceen homeworld, Sephamagore, which has been made uninhabitable by pollution and is expected to stay that way as a "preservation of heritage" (basically out of sentiment). New Sephamagore is actually quite far out in the Concord, as the Sceen took their time finding the optimal solar system for colonisation, with the colonisation planned for fast growth and industrialisation in the system. Today New Sephamagore has indeed grown quickly and, despite not being quite as prestigious as Sephamagore itself, is definitely heavily developed as a system; the planet of New Sephamagore has the highest population density in the whole Concord.

The sun of New Sephamagore is New Ahd, a relatively small blue giant which is expected to shine for longer than Ahd itself. At 1 billion kilometres orbits Neraka, a terrifyingly massive green gas giant over 220,000 kilometres across; which apparently should have collapsed into a star. Neraka has prevented any planetary formation out to 3.1 billion kilometres (sweeping any debris into two massive asteroid belts either side of it), where there is New Sephamagore. Considerably bigger than the old Sephamagore, the gravity is extremely high, which takes some getting used to for Sceen, while Astatines would be stupid to go there and Kakranukh would be positively suicidal. New Sephamagore has a rapidly growing population of 32 billion living in arcologies across the planet, resulting in a record number of habitats in the system to support the planet and act as an overflow for population (such as in a recent, unexpected, population boom 35 years ago). After New Sephamagore there is a rich variety of planetoids (tours available) but no substantial planets.

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