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The Night of Cleansing was a major offensive against the Mezourah during the Infection War staged by the Drahoni and with the aid of the Xzeron. The name was given the 'Night of Cleansing' as it was signed during the night on Xenzhoan.


Several dozens of fleets were moblised to participate in the fight. The Drahoni government made agreements with the Crime Organisations, if they helped with the fight the government would allow them to smuggle goods within certain quantities. This combined force allowed them to fight the Mezourah on all captured planets, the fights were quick and decisive. After 53 hours of fighting all known infected planets were liberated and cleansed of Mezourah hives.


The Drahoni were victorious and had made their first major victory against the Mezourah, after this battle the tide had changed and the Drahoni were able to drive back the Mezourah planet after planet. It is unknown if the Mezourah are still active in the Large Magellanic Cloud but all Drahoni and Xzeron systems have been succesfully cleansed.

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