The Norma Arm was formerly colonized by the Achrisians before being settled by the Hunre and Heglarean empires. Since their quarrantine after the Galactic Genocide, the Norma Arm remains relatively unexplored and uncharted backwater region. The Karnasaur have instead preferred the Scutum-Centaurus Arm as much of the Norma Arm's systems are vulnerable to radiation from the Galactic Core. Since the disappearance of the Hunre and Heglarean empires, the rise of the Tsuinaron took place. The Norma Arm is now dominated by the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm.

Norma ConstellationEdit

The constellation after which the Arm was named. Colonised by the Kryat Empire one thousand years ago, the Norma Constellation is currently part of the Kryat United Kingdom.

Eye of Deus NebulaEdit

The Eye of Deus Nebula was once a prosperous location during the era of the first Galactic Senate. However, since its dissolution, it has remained an isolated, remote area with little traffic passing through, although the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm is trying to promote trade and tourism.

Khinkrili ConstellationEdit

The Khinkrili Constellation is a collection of stars, most of which have planetary systems, located in the northern tip of the Norma Arm. The entire group is under the control of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm.

Khortanu Quatzir NebulaEdit

The Khortanu Quatzir Nebula was originally colonised by the Achrisians 3.2 billion years ago, before the hypernova in the Achrisians' home system of Dirpion-104 wiped out the majority of the population and shut down the colony. Today, the Khortanu Quatzir Nebula is under the joint control of the DFSNA and the Kryat United Kingdom.

Durtoch ConstellationEdit

The Durtoch Constellation is a collection of stars which have all been colonised by the DFSNA.

Kryorum NebulaEdit

The Kryorum Nebula is the region from which the Kryats originated.

Death's Head NebulaEdit

One of the most remote of the Norma Arm's regions, the Death's Head Nebula was once an area of relative mystery, as in several instances, vessels had entered the Death's Head Nebula, and never returned. However, it has now been colonised by the DFSNA.

Nebula Norma A105Edit

Nebula Norma A105 is a nebula which was the remains of the star HS A105. One of the smallest of the Norma Arm's nebulae, it is a backwater region which has not been colonised by any major Normarian faction. However, Normarian Starbase 1542 is located at the core of the nebula.

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