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Star Ankaira
Type Garden planet
Satellites 2
Gravity 2.3 G
Orbital distance 2.3 AU
Day length 32 Earth hours
Year length 428 Earth days
Diameter 2,500 km
Axial tilt 30°
Average 35℃
Minimum -30℃
Maximum 52℃
Atmosphere composition 80% Nitrogen, 10% Oxygen, 5% Argon, <1% Carbon Dioxide, 4% other gases
Surface pressure 2 atm
Factions Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm (1875 - 2103)

Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron (2103 - 2172)
Okkarabō Empire (2172 - 2193) Second Normarian Federation (2193 - current)

Population ~9 billion
Major imports N/A
Major exports N/A

Okkarabō is a garden planet in the Ankaira system. It was a colony of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm. Subsequently, it became the capital of the Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron. After the Great Tsuinaron War, in which both the DFSNA and CSCT were destroyed, Okkarabō became an independent planet-state, the Okkarabō Empire. In 2193, the Okkarabō Empire federated with the other planet-states to become the Second Normarian Federation, with Okkarabō itself as the SNF's capital.

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