Myth Galaxy Universe
This article exists only within the Myth Galaxy setting.

Omni 02 is the primary setting for Myth Galaxy. In Omni 01, the cycle of the Harbingers and Vernietigen never existed, but Omni 02 saw both of them taking a more active role. The timeline split occurs as far back as the Empire of Arckas millions of years ago when the Harbingers initially made their presence known. While in Omni 01, the Arckasians fled to the multiverse to avoid causing the heat death of the universe, in Omni 02, the Arckasians were destroyed by the Harbingers. With the Harbingers now controlling the evolution of sentient life, history was greatly altered. Fate resulted in commonalities such as the two timelines sharing civilizations and species, but their cultures and overall outlook varies drastically.

Known differencesEdit

  • The entities known as the Harbingers and Vernietigen exist and control the history of Omni 02. This also resulted in the Titans taking a more active role while they remained absent from Omni 01.
  • The Harbingers destroyed the Empire of Arckas before they were able to colonize anything outside the immediate Milky Way-Andromeda area.
  • The Omni were destroyed by the Harbingers before they were able to construct the False God galactic supercomputer AI. The Harbingers' attacks also prevented the Gomodds from ever being built. As a result, much of the Chaos Crisis that occurred in Omni 01 never happened.
  • The Vaikan (known as Dhragolon in Omni 02) were genetically tampered with during their evolution to give them control over elemental forces, an ability known as Maj. This led to an alternate history where the Children of the Dhragolon faction succeeded in passing on their culture to future generations.
  • The Dark Warriors worship the Harbinger god Infra rather than the Omni.
  • In Omni 01, as an egg Ahrganot Skizgo was taken aboard a train headed for a starship to Krar. In Omni 02, Falan Rusit caused the train to derail, leading Ahrganot to instead grow up on Ucharpli.

Timeline splitsEdit

The Omni 02 universe splits into further universes.

  • Omni 02 A - In this timeline, Etah kills Infra in Locubrermour. The death of the Harbingers allows Vernietigen to return and threaten to destroy the universe.
  • Omni 02 B - In this timeline, Etah decides to spare Infra and let him get away in interest of keeping Vernietigen at bay. Infra turns the Dhragolon into the next incarnation of Harbingers leading to a chain of events culminating into the Third Galactic War (MG Universe).

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