Not to be confused with the former title of the wiki (Omniverse: GC), Omniverse is the term used to describe all of existence across all realities including real life itself. Within the omniverse are many multiverses which in turn contain many universes which may contain pocket dimensions within them. One of those universes is Omni 01.

The omniverse is not known to have either a beginning nor an end as the number of different possible universes is considered to be infinite.


There are an infinite number of universes contained within the Omniverse. There is at least one universe for every single possibility and difference. Such differences can vary as little as an action being performed to the laws of physics being entirely different. For example, there is a universe where a cat is trapped inside a steel box. Multiple universes appear from this one scenario: one where the box is opened and the cat escapes, another where the cat dies, another where the cat breaks out of the box with superhuman strength, another where the box melts around the cat, and the list goes on.


Paradoxes are essentially truly impossible occurrences, not to be confused with time or logic paradoxes. Should a paradox ever occur, the Omniverse will automatically correct itself as if the paradox never happened. Because of this, there are limitations as to what universes can exist .

For example, the Omniverse cannot be destroyed in any way whatsoever, because if it were, it would include the real world as well.


The term anomaly on the omniverse-scale is used to describe an inconsistent occurrence. The literary equivalent would be a plot hole. Essentially, an anomaly is an unexplained happening that no one within that particular universe notices.

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