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Onensian Ark
General information
Affiliation Society for the Survival of the Onenza Race
Ship Registration {{{registration}}}
Class N/A (unique vessel)
Length 25 miles
Commanding officer(s) Eri Lon'Drail
In service 2143 -
Reason of decommission N/A
Fate of vessel after decommission N/A
Technological information
Number and types of engines 1 Nuclear-pressure propulsion system
Type of FTL travel system N/A
Maximum non-FTL speed 7% speed of light
Maximum FTL speed N/A

The Onensian Ark is a large spacecraft built to secure the survival of the Onenza race. It was built within a space of 80 years, in the orbit of the now-destroyed planet of Onensia.

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