The Orlakians are a species originating from the planet of Orlak-Moxac, in the Sagittarius Arm. They control several empires spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, but are currently in decline due to repeated attacks from their archenemy, the Moxac Empire.


The Orlakians are a humanoid people whose heights range from 80 centimetres in early childhood to 1.8 metres in adulthood.

The Orlakians are an extremely intelligent species: they tend to have very large brains, which is the reason for their expanded cranium. They have binocular eyesight, and eye colours range from black to blue. Their ability to hear is a setback, however, for their hearing is very limited. However, they have developed technologies which boost their hearing capabilities.


The Orlakians have several governments currently existing, the most powerful of which is the Orlakian Kingdom of Federated Planets. It was founded after the Orlakian Revolution, which overthrew the Orlakians' former Imperial government, known as the League of Flames. The OKFP's head of state is a King, who is advised by the Parliament of the Orlakian Kingdom, a bicameral legislation consisting of the General Assembly and the High Council of Elders.

The Orlakians also control other governments including the Republic of Terorius and the Democratic People's Republic of the Orlakians.


Before the War of Orlak-MoxacEdit

This era constituted the time before the War of Orlak-Moxac began. It was a war filled with minor conflicts between the Orlakian peoples on the continent of Orlak. When the Orlakians made first contact with the Moxac people, tensions immediately rose between the Orlakians and the Moxac.

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