Star Wight
Type Iceball
Satellites Danrr
Gravity .9 G
Orbital distance 2.3 AU
Day length 30 hours
Year length 379 earth days
Diameter 15,301 km
Axial tilt 13°
Average -40° F
Minimum -300° F
Maximum 32° F
Atmosphere composition 40% argon, 21% oxygen, 2% neon, 30% nitrogen, 7% various gases
Surface pressure .9 atm
Factions Pending
Population 2 billion
Major imports Research
Major exports War

Ornoth is the homeworld of the Ornothosians. It is situatated on the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way. It lies about 20,000 lightyears from Galactic Core Zone.

Ornoth is at the very outer edge of Wight's habitable zone, which has turned it into an iceball planet. It is also the closest celestial body to the Cane Cluster. A few of the terracaels from the Cluster have migrated to Ornoth, thriving under the ice sheets. The migration has also gone in reverse, with Ornothosians setting up bases in the Cluster.

The only life that survives here is adapted to extreme cold, or depends on hotsprings. Large seas formed on Ornoth during a period of high tectonic activity, but soon froze over. Aquatic life on Ornoth is therefore limited. Most forests grow in areas of thermal activity,  but a few hardy trees have formed sparse woods over many places. The equator is the most heavily populated section of the planet, as it contains most of the vegetation.


Ornoth has one moon, Danrr. THis moon has been mined for its resources, but the Ornothosians show little other interest in it. 

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