The Outer Arm is primarily controlled by the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate with a large area claimed by the Kklxin.

Planets and high metallicity stars are rare within the Outer Arm, forcing large, widespread pockets of colonization as opposed to having many colonies within several dozen lightyears. This generally poses a challenge when it comes to fuel and travel time, although this galactic desert serves as a natural barrier from outside invaders - drive core dumping becomes more difficult as planets with a sufficient magnetic field become a rarity within this region.

Spacefaring civilizations within the Outer Arm tend to flourish in isolation, although some of the larger empires have engaged in the trade of minerals with civilizations closer to the Galactic Core Zone.

EIT Imperial ZonesEdit

Moltke ClusterEdit

Outer RimEdit

Zone of Operation SteadfastEdit

Dragon's Head NebulaEdit

The Dragon's Head Nebula was created from a supernova that enriched the region with high metallicity stars. Worlds abundant with minerals can be found here.

Cintura ExpanseEdit

Aphbrec SystemsEdit

Line of DemarcationEdit

The Line of Demarcation is an area roughly 500 lightyears in diameter. The area has stars which are sparsely spaced out from one another and serves as a border region between the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate and the Karalian Empire.

Kohaku CloudEdit

Zone 100Edit

A top secret area shrouded in a nebula that scrambles radio signals.

Kklxin TerritoryEdit

KH 01Edit

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