The Pantheon of Qinae are a group composed of twelve Neo'Ron and Ron'Ky Qi, metaphysical entities that are able to interact with the universe on a level currently beyond mortal comprehension. They are administrated by the Qironus, often erroneously referred to as a Harbinger, when infact they are the leaders of the Harbinger civilization. This generally leads primitive or in some cases "advanced" civilizations to believe in them as gods.


Appearances throughout HistoryEdit


The Pantheon is composed of twelve Qianae, six Neo'Ron and six Ron'Ky Qi and the Qironus.

  • Turhan Ki. A Neo'Ron who's main purpose is to guide events to the most "interesting" outcome to enhance the enjoyment of his subjects. He was responsible for a variety of events leading up to the creation of the GSSOC and the Battle Against Suntsitzeagal.
  • Zeteth.
  • Sarak. A Ron'Ky responsible for maintenance operations such as the equalization of the universal heat. Althoguh such an event would not occur for at least trillons of years, the Pantheon realized that the hyper advanced Empire of Arckas could prematurely cause the heat death of the universe due to its energy usage. For this purpose, she created nanotechnological beings capable of consuming, transporting and reconstituting matter in order to prevent the heat death.
  • Ze'Naku.
  • Tin Zeng.
  • Lo Quan.
  • Zal Hassem.
  • Mino Zaur.
  • Garukos.
  • Leopsis Mai.
  • Sei'Nam.


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