Spectral type M8
Age 7 billion years
Size 0.1 Sol masses
Surface temperature 2400 K
Diameter 0.13 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons 16
Cluster Bestine Maro Cluster
Region or Arm Perseus Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Delson Hegemony

Paradene is a Class M8 Red Dwarf on what is now the border of Delson Space in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy. It used to be the heart of the then-Delson Empire, before the Harbingers wiped out most of the empire. While still the now-Delson Hegemony's captial, it is also on the border of Delson space, only protected due to the fact that it's on the side of Delson Territory facing Vaikan space.

The star itself is a flare star regularly tripling in luminosity and outputting dangerous heat waves.



Muldar is a close orbitting world with a molten surface.


Main article: Thyla

Thyla is a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant. It has no rings and is blue color.


Main article: Delse

Delse is the scorching hot homeworld of the Delson race. Tidal heating from Paradene as well as gravitational stresses from Thyla create a landscape of desert and volcanic rock. Nearly all the oceans on the surface of this moon have evaporated creating a rich atmosphere of oxygen and water vapor.


Vollus is a captured asteroids which orbits Delse elliptically. In another 500,000 years, it will no longer orbit Delse and shift its orbit around Thyla.


Erian was colonized by the Delsons early in their history. It is a planet with vast oceans and a thick atmosphere. Its gravity is notably higher than Delse due to its larger mass.


A rocky, cold desert world beyond the edge of the habitable zone.


Meldori is a standard hydrogen helium gas giant.


An ice-covered world at the edge of the system.

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