The Perseus Arm is one of two major spiral arms in the Milky Way Galaxy, the other being the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. The Perseus Arm has a radius of about 10,700 parsecs.

The two largest interstellar civilizations in this area are the Karalian Empire and the Delson Hegemony. There are numerous smaller civilizations in between.

Heart and Soul NebulaEdit

Main article: Heart and Soul Nebula

The Heart and Soul Nebula is approximately 6,500 lightyears away from Earth. It consists of two red nebulae close enough to one another to be grouped as one. It is filled with young stars early in formation and is relatively well developed with many habitable planets. There are two main clusters, IC1848 (Soul Nebula) and IC1805 (Heart Nebula).

Canis MajorEdit

Canis Major is a small circumstellar nebula surrounding the enormous star, VY Canis Majoris.

Mid Perseus Border ZoneEdit

The Mid Perseus Border Zone is a region that consists of the borders between Karalian and Delson territory.

Krizael ExpanseEdit

Main article: Krizael Expanse

The Krizael Expanse is considered the gateway region of the Karalian. It is large cluster consisting of aged red stars.

Lost Ramusian TerritoriesEdit

The Lost Ramusian Territories are an uncharted, inaccessible region located outside of the Karalian Warp Lane Network. These consisted of former territories of the Ramusian Socialist Republic.

Greenwater NebulaEdit

Main article: Greenwater Nebula

The Greenwater Nebula is located at the borders of the Galactic Core Zone. It is a thick, warm nebula with stars of many ages. However, its proximity to the Galactic Core impedes development on advanced multicellular life, limiting the number of habitable planets in the area.  As habitability is not a major criteria for Karalian colonization, the region has been intensely settled, and is highly populated. 

Harvester Quarantine ZoneEdit

The Harvester Quarantine Zone is a region where Harvester activity has been isolated. The Delson Hegemony has worked fervently to keep them trapped within this area. From time to time, several Harvester forces have escaped from this region.

Bestine Maro ClusterEdit

Duliana ClusterEdit

Crab NebulaEdit

Main article: Crab Nebula

The Crab Nebula was created from the remains of a supernova which allowed several new stars to form. The Crab Nebula is under control of the Delson Hegemony but it primarily serves as Human reservation colonies.


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