Perseus Defense Force
Location Perseus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Size 5 star systems
Kardashev class
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Active
Capital Facility GR-42AD
Official language English
Demonym Persean Defender
Population Unknown, relatively small
Species Human
Government Oligarchy
Current leader(s) Krikor Avakian

The Perseus Defense Force originally started as a rag-tag fleet Krikor gathered to rescue Siran from one of the Vaikan Dictatorships that cropped up after Suntsitzeagal's unleashing. The Defense Force was originally made of mercenaries, sympathetic smugglers, and some of the more compassionate pirates out there. However, after the successful rescue (thanks to the intervention of the Delson Militant Fleet and the modified HXS Palkobak), the group settled down in the old station, after the Vaikans were driven out. Soon, they began expanding, becoming a military-oriented, but alien and synthetic-friendly, human faction.


Their ships are angular in design, mostly grey or brown, with clear rivets holding the ships together. Their fighters tend to look like flying wings.

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