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Perseus War
Date: 600 BC - 488 BC
Place: Inner regions of Perseus Arm
Outcome: *

Ramusian Socialist Republic

Children of the Dhragolon










The Perseus War is a major conflict that took place in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Alongside the War Between Vaikan States, it is considered one of the most devastating wars in Vaikan history.


Ucharpli was heavily scarred by the war, resulting in the destruction of the majority of cities on the planet's surface. Over the next few thousand years, Ucharpli would slowly rebuild, but with more and more Vaikan choosing to live either in space stations or in other colonies, never again would it reach the height of its glory.

Much of the warp lane network that once linked together large portions of the inner Perseus Arm was destroyed. The most notable ones to survive were the lanes that linked together the Heart and Soul Nebula and the Krizael Expanse while much of the lanes that led to the systems in between were lost cutting off many colonies from one another. These warp lanes were since been declared public property by the Karalian Empire.

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