The Phallanxx (Adradjin - Phal: Balance | (L)Anxx: Bringer / Ra'Hani - Ei Ronin: Harbinger) refers to an entity comprised of a living Adradjin avatar of great physical and mental power and more so a fleet of advanced warships constructed from technology leftover by the Si'Gean. The Avatar, referred to simply as Phallanxx for simplicity, controls the fleet as an extension of himself through the use of his staff that, used in contingency with his ChronoMech, is also capable of altering physical laws to a certain extent in his local area. While the Avatar himself does not consider himself a Harbinger or Titan, as he refers to them, he claims that his power and knowledge are of Titanic origin. According to his doctrine, the Phallanxx as a whole is tasked with the maintenance of the balance between order and chaos, but is to act only when it's intervention is absolutely required. For this reason, most of the "Fleet" is spread sparsely across the galaxies of the Local Group (two of which are located the Milky Way galaxy) while the Capital Ship Zhantixxin remains in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.

Avatar PhallanxxEdit








Control ships by galaxyEdit

Defensive and Offensive capabilitiesEdit

Other capabilitiesEdit

Appearances throughout Recorded HistoryEdit

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