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The Pillars of Newgate are large objects resembling pillars that were found on the Human colony of Newgate in 2161 AD. Who made the pillars remained unknown but the intrest in it grew quickly. Seeing that the Mezourah refused to go near the pillars the Drahoni government began to study it, they discovered it housed an unique genetical code. Research made clear that this code, along with the pillars themselves, allowed the creature containing the code to release a pheromen that breaks down the Mezourah Super Cells.


2159 ADEdit

- The planet Newgate is found.

2160 ADEdit

- The planet Newgate is colonised, the capital Kortruyck is founded.

2161 ADEdit

- Pillars are found all over the planet in mines, deserts and excavation sites.

- Genetical code inside pillars are discovered.

2163 ADEdit

- Drahoni government create vaccin to meld the code with the Drahoni population. Turning point in the Infection War.

Known PillarsEdit

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