This article or story is out of date and is going to be revised. Some parts of this article/story reference earlier incarnations of established facts.
Location Norma Arm
Size Entire Milky Way Galaxy
Kardashev class {{{kardashevclass}}}
Founded ~2,000,000BCE
Status Extinct
Capital {{{capital}}}
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Demonym Plesona
Population At peak: 1.2 quadrillion

Current: 0(extinct)

Species Plesona
Government N/A
Current leader(s) N/A

The Plesona were a powerful civilization that prospered during the Ninth Eon. They rose up in place of the Empire of Arckas who had fallen to the Harbingers of the time, a synthetic race known as the Collective. Their society managed to live for two million years, starting count at the dawn of the earliest known tribal civilizations. The Plesona had allied with a great number of minor empires, most of which have been forgotten to history.

The Plesona are known to have been the ancestors to the obscure species, the Great Horned Dragons who today in the Thirteenth Eon have been conquered by the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation. Thus, Plesona have appeared in GHD mythology and are a great topic of study. It is believed that the Plesona Republic Federation had colonized at least 1.2 million systems. Oddly enough, they confined themselves to the Milky Way, settling every planet they could.

Physiology Edit

Plesona were creatures with serpentine shape, averaging at seven feet tall and over 100 feet long. They had red and green scales and cat-like eyes. They only had two arms, no legs. Despite this, they were surprisingly agile.


The government of this massive empire was a republic federation. Due to the massive number of systems, and even more so the distance between clusters of colonies, a central government is incredibly hard to maintain. Individual systems posses their own government and laws. The official governmental system is set up by King Kahhn in his written Kahhn Articles.

This form of government is even kept for thousands more years to follow; the only difference is that religion plays a much larger role and unbelievers are never in positions of high authority. Those in seats of power still answer to the one God, and never refuse to listen to those who are held to be prophets or saints.


The Plesona were among the longest lived civilizations known having managed for at least two million years. A tyrant king had eventually led the Plesona to collapse in on itself. A zealous faction within the Plesona were chosen as the next Harbingers, and they began a 50,000 year long crusade bringing the Plesona civilization to an end.

When the Plesona were wiped out, the survivors devolved into animals as they were left with no technology. After billions of years of separation, these Plesona diverged in evolution becoming different species entirely.

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