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The shape almost every Plevanio Spaceship has.

The Plevanio Spaceships, or Starships, are the Plevanio's means of interstellar transportation. Most of their ships have a diamond shaped hull.

Plevanio SpaceshipsEdit


This single occupant vehicle is 5m long.


This single occupant vehicle is 7m long.


This ship is 75m long and can house up to 25 crewmembers.


This ship is 120m long and can house up to 60 crewmembers.


This ship is 250 m long and can house up to 95 crewmembers.


This ship is 450m long and can house up to 175 crewmembers.


This ship is 750m long and can house up to 325 crewmembers.


This ship is 1,6 km long and can house up to 725 crewmembers.


This Dreadnought-class ship is 5,8 km long and can house up to 2250 crewmembers.

Capital Ship / LifeshipEdit

This gargantuan ship is 83 km long and can house up to 375,000,000 crewmembers.

Defence systemsEdit

The Plevanio place their weapons inside small 'craters' covering their ship's hull.

Primary WeaponsEdit

Death RayEdit

The Death Ray is a magnetohydrodynamic weapons that ejects streams of molten metal at a fraction of lightspeed. It has a bright red shine and covers most of the ship's hull.

Secondary WeaponsEdit


Some of the spaceship's 'secondary weapons' (clockwise starting from the upperleft corner):
-HT Laser Cannon
-AA Cannon
-Missile Turret
-Main Laser Cannon

Main Laser CannonEdit

A dual barelled cannon that fires a red coloured laser beams, they can fire continiously for 5 seconds before having to cool down for a period of 12 seconds.

HT Laser CannonEdit

The HT Laser Cannon fires a red coloured laser at it's target, it will concentrate it's fire on important locations (such as the bridge or the main weapons).

AA CannonEdit

The double barelled AA Cannon fires small bluish lasers in burst of 3 for each barrel, instead of being operated by a Plevanio it is controlled by an A.I., when there is no direct target nearby it will open fire on distant targets hoping to hit one who is unaware.

Missile TurretEdit

The Missile Turret fires rocket loaded with EMP devices, when detonating it gives off a strong EMP blast knocking out the ship and overloading it's systems to cause systems burns and thus disabling the ship. When having to reload it withdraws into the ship's hull.

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