The Polar Seas are a large ocean covering the northern pole of Ucharpli. It is the shallowest of oceans of Ucharpli. On average, it has a depth of about 1,000 meters.


New IslerfiaEdit

When Yallvusian colonists conquered the country of Isleferia, the natives fled to an island to the north to form their own society.

Spikereach IsleEdit

An island among the polar oceans that is almost impossible to navigate. It is covered in limestone spikes. Every expedition to this area, at least one new species is discovered.

End of the EarthEdit

A frozen island which directly contains the north pole. The name comes from the fact that early explorers could not explain the strange behavior of their compasses, and they thought it was the edge of the world.

Crystal IslesEdit

A large collection of islands surrounding the north pole with many unusual crystal formations.

Isle of the KarnEdit

An island among Crystal Isle considered a historic location where the Karnasaurs landed on Ucharpli.




  • Tentacle Beast - A sea dwelling mollusk that resides in the Crystal Isles and may come in gargantuan proportions.

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