Puqortian Democratic Republic
PDR flag
Location Puqortia, Milky Way Galaxy
Size 1 planet (Puqortia)
Kardashev class Type II
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Defunct
Capital Puqortia
Official language None (de jure)

Tsuinarese (Yushiriion Dialect) (de facto)

Demonym Puqortian
Population 14 trillion
Species Reptimacropus Argutus
Government Democratic Constitutional Republic (de jure)

Absolute dictatorship (de facto)

Current leader(s) None (faction now defunct)

The Puqortian Democratic Republic was a faction which existed before the time of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm. It was a communist regime ruled by the military, and lasted for thirty years.



"In accordance with the interests of you, the people of the Tsuinaron state, the Puqortia Democratic Federation will be reorganised into the Puqortian Democratic Republic, with our beloved King of Yushiriion and our noble Defence Force maintaining our state."
―High King Kokumi Oshiro Kurami in a forced speech broadcasted to the citizens of the former PDF

The PDR was established in 49 SE, 4 years after the founding of the Puqortia Democratic Federation. It was formed when the former King of Yushiriion, Yushirino Ukara Mashi, whose name has entered the Tsuinaron language as 'traitor', staged a coup d'etat heading part of the military loyal to only him against the High King and King of Lariru. Yushirino declared the High King deposed, and created the PDR to replace the Federation. 

Puqortia Democratic Federation Puqortian Democratic Republic Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm

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