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Star Salmandra
Type Desert Moon
Primary Drakenos
Gravity 1.16g
Orbital distance 1.23AU
Day length 17.9 standard days
Year length 457 standard days
Diameter 14,050km
Axial tilt 0.3°
Mean 32°C
Minimum 19°C
Maximum 48°C
Atmosphere composition 83% nitrogen, 15% oxygen, 1.8% argon, other gases
Surface pressure 1.6 atm
Faction Imperium of Flame
Population >10 billion
Major imports Raw matter
Major exports Spacecraft, weaponry, research equipment
Pyvaros is the moon of the planet Drakenos, which is located in the Salmandra star system. Salmandra is in the Illias Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Incendyn and the capital of the Imperium of Flame.


Pyvaros orbits its primary at a distance of 460,000 km. It is tidally locked to Drakenos, taking the same time to rotate on its axis as it does to orbit the planet.


With a mass of 1.4 Earth masses, Pyvaros has a diameter of 14,000 km and a density of 5823 kg/m3. Its surface gravity is 1.16g.


The crust of Pyvaros is 42% oxygen, 24% silicon, 13% iron, 8% aluminium, 3% titanium, 3% calcium, 2% magnesium, and the remainder other elements.


Only 39% of Pyvaros' surface is covered by water. It has no ice caps. The average global temperature is 32°C, and it can vary from 19-48°C.


At a pressure of 1.6 atm at sea level, Pyvaros' atmosphere is 83% nitrogen, 15% oxygen, 1.8% argon, and the remainder other gases including significant quantities of CO2.


This moon has an extensive ecosphere. Much of the coastal terrain is covered by forests, with their morphology varying with latitude. The seas are rich with life, and algal blooms of various colours can often be seen from low orbit. The many volcanoes make nutrients more readily available to organisms in the sea and on the land.

Further inland are mainly deserts and mountains. Both have their own organisms but are more sparsely populated.


Large Incendyn cities are present all over Pyvaros, with a total population of over ten billion. There are a number of space fountains and there are many space stations in orbit.

Several very large solar arrays in orbit provide the majority of the moon's power, with auxiliary fusion powerplants underground. Antimatter is produced and stored.

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