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4.6 billion years


0.82 solar masses

No. planets


No. moons



Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy

Qanx is a star system in the Iralek Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


As a G9V-class star, Qanx has a mass of 0.82 solar masses and a surface temperature of 5450K. Its metallicity is average.


Several planets orbit Qanx.

Dumdumshta orbits at 0.34 AUs. It is a barren planet like Mercury, though twice the mass and with even greater temperature gradients.

Pathek is the homeworld of the Jauron race, members of the United Vannah Planets. It orbits Qanx at 0.8AUs and is 0.4 Earth masses. The surface gravity is 0.73g and it possesses a large moon.

Unsunsuns is a Jovian gas giant, massing 1.2 Jupiter masses. It orbits at 4.1 AUs, near the frost line, and possesses a dim ring system as well as many moons.

The planet Boomtshush is another Jovian and orbits at 10.1 AUs. It has a mass of 0.3 Jupiter masses, is quite yellowish in colour, and has the largest number of moons in the system.

Wubwubwub is a Neptunian gas giant orbiting at 19.4 AUs. It has a clear ring system and a mass of 16 Earth masses.

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