Queroman Empire

Imperium Queromanus

Location Sanhul Arm, Andromeda Galaxy
Size >60,000 systems
Kardashev class Type I
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Defunct
Capital Querome, Therhum
Official language Quatin
Demonym Queroman
Population >9 trillion
Species Queroman
Government Stratocratic autocracy
Current leader(s) Emperor

-None (faction now defunct)

The Queroman Empire was a large nation which existed in the Sanhul Arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. It was created several hundred years after the foundation of the city of its origin, Querome, on the planet of Therhum.


The population of the Queroman Empire consisted largely of its namesake race, the Queromans, who made up approximately 86% of the total Imperial population. 10% were Milurian, while 4% were other species.


In 1300 BCE, two twins, Quemulus and Quemus, founded a city on the bank of the Larzu River, the city of Querome.

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