Ramusian Socialist Republic
Location Perseus Arm
Size 10< systems
Kardashev class 1
Founded 1,000 BC
Status Defunct
Capital Unknown
Official language Ramusian
Demonym Ramusian
Population Unknown
Species Vaikan
Government Socialist republic
Current leader(s) Unknown

The Ramusian Socialist Republic is a historical Vaikan faction that formed many centuries after the fall of the Drallan Federal Monarchy.


The Ramusian Socialist Republic consisted of a rigid caste system where equality remained the supreme ideology. From birth, every Ramusian was designated a lifelong job.


Accurate historical documents regarding the Ramusian Socialist Republic are difficult to find because the RSR was known for altering archived documents to make themselves seem like a perfect nation. They are known for erasing criminals or other infamous individuals from history by "writing" them out of existence. They would also do the same to remove any sort of bad reputation to eliminate mistakes or evidence of a flawed government.

The RSR also created a series of colonies known as the Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds as a means of studying different forms of government under controlled conditions. Some of these colonies survived well past the RSR's time.

The RSR fell to the Galasuron Imperium when they could not afford to fight two wars at once, the other war being with the Children of the Dhragolon.

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