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Star Gaddava
Type Crater planet
Satellites -
Gravity 0.87 G
Orbital distance 0.62 AU
Day length 11.9 hours
Year length 203 Earth days
Diameter 14,300km
Axial tilt 3.6°
Average 170°K
Minimum 70°K
Maximum 360°K
Atmosphere composition -
Surface pressure 0.005 atm
Factions -
Population -
Major imports -
Major exports -
Rehea is a planet orbiting the star Gaddava in the Antedus Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy. Its atmosphere was stripped away by a nearby supernova, and archaeological studies have revealed traces of a civilisation 66 million years old on the planet.

It is now completely dead, but Union of Antedus survey teams have erected modular habitats on the surface and dug several trenches into the planet. No personnel currently occupy the station.

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