Reptimacropus Argutus, most commonly known as the Tsuinaron, are a repto-marsupial species that evolved on the planet of Puqortia. This article is about the species' internal biology.

Digestive systemEdit

Due to the relatively large amounts of radiation present through life in the Norma Arm, Tsuinaron have evolved to absorb the radiation and transform it into energy, much like photosynthesis, except the transformation is directly into chemical energy, which is subsequently sent through the bloodstream to body parts for life functions or stored for future use. As a result, Tsuinaron eat relatively little compared to most other species, needing only 500 calories a day and 800 calories for pregnant females.

Being obligate carnivores, Tsuinaron lack the ability to process plant matter efficiently, and so use their radiation-absorbing abilities to synthesise the nutrients unique to fruit and vegetables.

What little food they eat is often cooked, as Tsuinaron gradually lost the ability to consume most raw meats as they rose to civilisation. Though they first evolved to be able to secrete enzymes to kill bacteria present in raw meat, Tsuinaron no longer needed these because of the discovery of fire.

The digestive process begins when food is placed in the mouth. Tsuinaron have two sets of teeth: one located at the top of the mouth, and one on the bottom. Both sets are at the front of the mouth. In the chewing process, saliva secreted through glands in the mouth help to break down the food into smaller particles before being sent through the oesophagus into the stomach, where the food particles are broken down even further into a mushy, acidic mixture.

The next part of the digestive system, similar to the small intestine, absorbs the majority of nutrients and chemicals present in the food through diffusion, directly into the bloodstream. The intestines of Tsuinaron are so efficient that almost all the nutrients and chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of this, Tsuinaron do not have great resistance to intoxicating substances like alcohol and drugs, and are known for getting intoxicated easily. The intestines also secrete enzymes that break the food remnants into a liquid.

The last part of the digestive system absorbs the majority of the water in the liquid mixture, leaving a pasty substance that leaves the Tsuinaron digestive system as faeces.


Endocrine systemEdit

Nervous systemEdit

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