Star 66 Kklxin
Type Ocean planet
Satellites Tira, Bultza
Gravity 0.97 G
Orbital distance 0.5 AU
Day length 74 hours
Year length 154 Gaea days
Diameter 30,598 km
Axial tilt 26.2°
Average 90° F
Minimum 70° F
Maximum 120° F
Atmosphere composition 76% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, 1% argon, 1% other
Surface pressure 1.7 atm
Factions Kklxin Hegemony
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Otsatu

Rew is an oceanic planet discovered by the Kklxin. Rews two smaller moons, Tira and Bultza, create massive tidal effects on the planet.


Rew is a covered entirely in oceans and has a thick, clammy atmosphere. Constant cloud cover creates constant rainstorms and massive hypercanes. The areas above water are not home to any permanent inhabitants with most life instead being underwater.

Because of the constant cloud cover, little light reaches the ocean's depths. The sky is almost always dark.


Rew's ocean floors consist of numerous mountain ranges and deep trenches formed from tectonic activity.

Although the planet has a volume almost twice that of Gaea, the planet is less dense. Most of its mineral wealth lies in the depth of more than 100 kilometers.


Rew's underwater ecosystem is highly exotic. One of the most predominant life forms is a jellyfish-like creature called Otsatu, remarkable in that it is technically immortal. In times of high stress, it will revert back to an early phase in its life cycle - a process which it can repeat indefinitely.

Creatures like the Otsatu are often sold as a source of immortal cells. They command high prices on the galactic market as they are involved heavily in medicine.


Currently, the Kklxin are building a megalopolis and are finding resources from other worlds to take for their own. Massive oil rigs that reach down to the ocean floor dot the surface.