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Righteous Empire of Zassiter
Zassitian flag
The emblem of the REZ
Location Illias Sector, Triangulum Galaxy
Size >100 systems
Kardashev class 1.28
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Status Expanding/conquering
Capital Salph
Official language Daeze
Demonym Zassitian
Population >25 billion
Species Zorel, Xetex
Government Theocracy
Current leader(s) Prophets
The Righteous Empire of Zassiter (or REZ) is a theocracy from the Illias Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


The de jure head of state of the REZ is their chief deity, Zassiter. Its commandments are allegedly passed down in the form of laws and other governmental abilities to the people via the medium of the Prophets, who hold the real power.


Over 100 systems are united under the REZ, with over 25 billion citizens in total. 18 billion of these are Zorel and seven billion are Xetex.

Notable systemsEdit

Notable systems.





Citizens of the REZ are almost all highly religious. The Zorel began with a polytheistic belief system with the chief deity, Zassiter, having become more prominent as the religion developed and religions were fused together from around Salph. When the Xetex were assimilated and the REZ formed, the chief deity of their main religion was combined with Zassiter.

Other deities accepted widely around the REZ include Tanar, to whom planets are sacred, and Shollot, responsible for the birth of life.


The official language of the REZ is Daeze, the result of a Zorel language that was adapted as its creators colonised and conquered their planet, and then changed even more on contact with the Xetex. However, many hundreds of other languages survive around the empire.




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