The Ring of Metal are a set of pillars orbiting the planet of Miypria. These pillars used to be 20 in number, but have since been reduced to five, due to numerous attacks on the planet which destroyed most of the pillars.


"The Great Ring of Metal shall protect the centre of our universe from natural disasters such as asteroid and meteor attacks, as well as attacks from extraterrestrial barbarians."
―Ancient Milurcan text on the Ring of Metal

The Ring of Metal was designed by the Milurcans to defend the planet of Miypria from extraterrestrial attacks and natural hazards. The pillars, orbiting in a ring in neutral position, have motion sensors.

If the sensors detect a large enough object approaching the planet, all pillars will be automatically activated. The pillars will disperse to several positions across the orbital space of Miypria, and subsequently form a forcefield around the planet, deflecting anything that comes into contact with it. The Ring of Metal would deactivate only when the threat is no longer present. However, since most of the pillars were destroyed, the Ring of Metal no longer functions.

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