The Ritosians are a carbon-metal based organism native to the planet Rithos.

Exterior AppearanceEdit

What makes these lifeforms unique is their skin. The species has to different "sub-species" that are distinguished by the skin tone, ever a chrome silver or an obsidan black colour. The species in general, are bipedal, tall and thin due to their elongated skeletons and their two digitigrade legs.. They have a small crab-like carapace, with to horn-like growths at the side, on their heads and a natural face mask that can be open and closed by use of the cheek muscles. They omnivorus, but eat more vegetation than meat. The males are generally more muscular but not neceserally stronger than females and have a slightly larger "carapace". The females are have sharper claws (four fingers, two toes) and beaks to defend their young. The Tengu, a bio-degrading virus, causes the host to gradually shrink and can cause limb loss.

Internal PhysiologyEdit

Genetic DeifferencesEdit



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