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The Royal Drahoni Armada, or RDA in short, is the combined force of all fleets owned by the UDSA and is it's most important branch. Whilst the USDA is controlled by councillers elected by the most important Drahoni planets the RDA is controlled by the highest ranking officer in the fleets.


The RDA was created alongside the USDA and the DL, it was made to safeguard Xenzhoan and it's colonies.

Chain of CommandEdit

The RDA is led by Star Marshal Eliona Friesgh, she has to listen to the councillers of the UDSA who in their turn have to listen to the monarch, king Tiberychaam Wirsdakh.


Engineer - Takes care of technical difficulties on a ship, they are also responsible for repairing any damage inside the ship caused during combat.

Special Engineer - Takes care of damage outside the ship caused during combat.

Marine 1st Rank - Rookie, takes care of the ship's security in case the ship get boarded.

Marine 2nd Rank - Veteran, these Marines lead small pockets of Rookies (ussualy 3 to 10 troops) to keep the ship safe from enemy boarders.

Marine 3th Rank - Elite, these battle-hardened troops lead small groups of Veterans (2 to 5 troops) or big groups of Rookies (8 to 20 troops) to keep the ship safe. Occasionally squads are made solely of Elites, these protect key areas in the ship.

Petty Officer -

System Officer -

Warrant Officer -

Ensign -

Lieutenant -

Commander -

Captain -

Grand General -

Rear Admiral -

Vice-Admiral - Assists the Admiral during combat or non-combat duties. If the Admiral is MIA the Vice-Admiral takes his place until he is found back or replaced.

Admiral - Commander of an entire fleet.

High Admiral - Commander of a massive fleet (often the size of 2 or 3 fleets combined), they are given great numbers to increase their chances of victory. This rank is only temporarly and is given in time of great need.

Star Marshal - Highest obtainable rank, can only be granted to female Drahoni officers. The military leader of the RDA, can rally all the fleets without objections (this can only be undone by either the UDSA council or the monarch).

(Note: When the unofficial officer title 'Senior-' is added this means they have served for a long time.)

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