Rustiagon Kalya
General statistics
Born 2084 AD
Affiliation Karalian Empire
Titles queen
Skills/Abilities strategic planning, ruling
Status MIA
Species Vaikan
Gender female
Height 5'6"/1.68 meters
Weight 168 lb/76.2 kg

Rustiagon Kalya is the great-grandaughter of Rustiagon Karrel. During the War Between Vaikan States, she fled the throne and erased all traces of her existence. With the last of the Rustiagon bloodline gone, the Karalian Empire spiraled into chaos.


Rustiagon Kalya is the daughter of Maranda Kanna. She lived on Ucharpli for most of her life. Originally, she was a dreamy individual who fantasized about ruling magical kingdoms, but after failing the monarch exam for the first time, her hopes were crushed. Regardless, she fervently studied once more and took it again, and took the title of monarch very seriously.


Kalya is highly assertive and believe that the job getting done is the only thing that truly matters.  She takes advantage of her status as a monarch, coercing her opponents into agreeing with her using threats and intimidation.  Some may see her as rude and impatient, but she is generally respected by most Karalians.

Rustiagon Rarsan Rustiagon Kalya Rustiagon Karrel II

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